I AM D: The Daley Grind EP

There's always plenty of debate in the wider hip-hop community as to what constitutes 'real' hip-hop.

Everyone has so many conflicting ideas that it isn't often that an emcee will make everyone in a room stop, and devote their full attention to the music.

Our Brisbane based homie I AM D - and we're proud to call him one of ours - is demonstrating what it is hip-hop should do. Forget about what it should or shouldn't be, instead focus on the skill, the delivery, the wit and the dope as fuck beats that speak volumes of the culture and define the artists themselves. 

I AM D has recently dropped his debut EP titled 'The Daley Grind', and brings the fire on every single one of his 8 tracks. From burning traditional boom-bap sounds to the slower, trappy influenced vibes, he is a key player in the game of Australian hip-hop and has been called up to the front line to show the scene who it's next MVP is. With producers on board like Khrysis (Justus League), Bliss (Croatia), Sensei Walingh (Netherlands), and engineering from Tom Thum (Tommy Illfigga), the entire creation hits you like a 2 x 4 around the head. Sit down, open your ears and bounce to it. 

'The Daley Grind' EP is available to purchase and/or stream now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. As D would say; Jah bless! 

Cop yours here 

Our co-founder Beau designed all the artwork surrounding the release of the EP and said it was 'very humbling' to receive #100/100 of the limited released hardcopies signed with such appreciative words! With a number of radio plays on Triple J, our boy is sure to set fire to the Aus Hip Hop scene!


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