Yesterday Geedup Co. shot with Bettina Banks... As you can see it was a huge success!
After the shoot we went for a bite to eat and were able to find out a little bit more about Bettina. Aka Betti, aka Ms B. Banks, aka Geedup's favourite!

What part of the shoot did you love most?
I loved the whole shoot! Being comfortable and relaxed in a photoshoot is the most important thing for me, no body likes to feel out of place or uncomfortable. Everyone was just awesome to work with! Oh! And just knowing that I was shooting with Geedup!! So stoked!

What is one thing you can absolutely not live without?
Typical, but my phone. I can't put this thing down for more than 5 mins. So sad! Haha

We know you have brains, what do you to get by and live comfortably?
I'm a Marketing and Events Executive at Red Lantern Food Group! Been with them since the beginning of the year and absolutely loving it! I also run a night on Saturdays called Taboo at Verandah Bar with my friends, and wouldn't have it any other way! Enjoying what you do in life makes you appreciate living so much more!

Name some influences you have had?
My biggest influence would be my mum, she's taught me everything I need to know. From dealing with my emotions through struggle, knowing from right to wrong and being able to appreciate people when you're in need. She's let me do and experience life without holding me back and I cannot thank her enough!

What is your most favoured label to date?
I love Alexander Wang. Less is more in his designs. Cut throat and edgy is what I love!

What is your favourite place you have traveled to?
Hawaii! My first overseas modeling gig was in Hawaii! I was there for about 10 days and neeeeeed to go back. I miss the beach, tanning, cocktails and just eating!

Lastly, B.I.G. or Pac?
Biggy, biggy, can't you see, sometimes your love just hypnotises me! ;)