Lyrical Tee Pt. 2

Party and bullshit go hand in hand; whether you were 15 and rocking up uninvited to house parties - or if you've partied with us - you know it'll always be the same people who are the first on the scene and the last to leave. 

No strangers to a couple of good bottles and bags, we like to apply the same enthusiasm for our social lives as we do in our business circle.

The latest release from the lyrical tee collection was inspired by the 'Big Poppa' himself, Biggie Smalls. As one of the cultures most influential people, he shaped important aspects of the hip-hop game and built a following worthy of a celebration decades into the future. This motto stuck in the back of our minds alongside an array of other groundbreaking lyrics the man produced.

'Put fear in ya heart, fuck up the party before it even start'.

Better pen that one in your notebooks.

We decided to have this drop fall in the same month as the East Coast legends' passing, and with that, we leave you with the 'F*uckup' Tee. Capture that feeling, mix in a fifth of vodka, and let the odds stack in your favour.

Get yours now: 'F*ckup The Party'


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