GEEDUP Co. // AfterPay & Zip Pay Available.
GEEDUP Co. // AfterPay & Zip Pay Available.

$1000 Dollar Giveaway

One of the most rewarding things in the clothing business is watching the consumers enjoy the products you make. The Geedup shop has been refreshed with plenty of our garments, and our brand new giveaway campaign is in full swing!

Just in case word didn't travel fast enough for some of you, when you spend $150 dollars or more in-store , you'll go in the running for our largest prize yet - a whopping $1000 bucks to spend on any and all items in the shop!

This is the biggest giveaway we've orchestrated to date, so make sure you get in and get threaded and with a grand up for grabs, you can deck the whole crew too.

Level 3, Westfield Parramatta. See you in-house fam.


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