Zeds Dead x Freddie Gibbs | 'Back Home'

Gangster Gibbs' discography grows a little different and banger-esque every day.

He's teamed up with Canadian super duo Zeds Dead, to bring us Back Home - a grimy tune with electro inspiration behind it. Zeds Dead are hard to pigeonhole as a deejay group, as they constantly blend genres while retaining an upbeat, bass inclined tone. We've seen Freddie adapt and tweak this kind of music in his favour before, having previously collaborated with Kaytranada a while back.

Freddie Gibbs is in the country as of next week, with his second show coming to Manning Bar in Sydney on Friday, March 11.

We've had the pleasure of meeting Freddie before. The Gary rapper keeps it real, and that definitely extends to his live show as well. After his latest LP release of Shadow Of A Doubt, his visit here is going to be short, yet energetic as all fuck.

For those copping tickets, fingers crossed that maybe he'll spin this too.



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