Geedup Co. x Zen Garage 2014 Collaboration

For all the rev-heads that have been rocking Geedup Co. over the years, a collaboration between our label and a motoring influenced brand has probably been a pipedream. Luckily enough, we took our time and sourced a reputable crew that will bring vehicle enthusiasts and street clothing ambassadors together in Sydney at last.

Zen Garage are jumping on board with us in the design and manufacture of a Collaboration Track Tee – a long sleeve t-shirt that will double as a piece of iconic streetwear, and an item to be worn on the track at car meets.

2014 will mark Zen’s third year in the business, and Geedup’s fourth (damn, time flies). We understood the need for people who love their cars, bikes and everything in between, and with a name like Zen Garage to bounce off, this piece is going to make earthquakes; as well as bring a fresh perspective on clothing to the table.

Keep your eyes peeled for all things development, and be sure to peep at what Zen Garage are doing in their neck of the woods here.

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