Geedup Co. x Thundamentals

We might be three months into 2014, but let me tell you, you are NOT ready!

For those of us that operate in and around the hip-hop realm and its counterparts - both overseas and in Australia - we understand the vibrant connection that street fashion and this lifestyle have with each-other. The old Chinese saying of ‘good things come in pairs’ is a truth you can discover for yourself when the meeting of two minds drop a bombshell on the market in coming months.

Thundakats and Geedup aficionados unite, and prepare to get acquainted with a unique and exciting collaboration between our brand and western Sydney’s own homeboys Thundamentals.  

Comprised of Dj Morgs and emcees Tuka and Jeswon, the crew have grown and developed from early boom-bap influenced hip-hop, to sounds that chop and slice genres to create a free flowing and truly dope display of artist initiative and passion. The boys have recently announced a launch tour for their latest album titled ‘So We Can Remember’, and will no doubt be packed with the same soul igniting jams they’ve been pumping out for years.

The first garments out of production with Thundas will be five panel hats, on sale exclusively at their merchandise tent at the Groovin The Moo shows sprawled around the country come festival time. With one initial colour scheme concept in the works of charcoal black and brown leather, this is one to keep your eyes peeled for and your wallets clutched tight.

With plans in the works for bigger and better things down the track, street lifestyle gains new perspectives, while the fans don’t miss a beat with the freshest gear to be plastered across their bodies. With more information to be released in the coming weeks, this team effort will bring together an element of our lives we both respect and show fierce loyalty towards.

Geedup x Thundamentals. Don’t even sleep.



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