Lyrical Tee Pt. 1

We like to look at the world from a realist perspective. Let’s face facts; sometimes there’s things you’ve gotta do in this twisted world to get ahead of the pack, and to set you aside from the repetitive and mundane qualities of your opponents.

Charles Darwin coined it natural selection – the success of organisms interacting with their environment. You don’t need a dictionary, or even half a brain to figure out that we’re running this rat race with creative vision – and killing off the competitors as we pass them.

Murder for capital. We assassinate the game, and let the rest speak for itself. Kids took to the streets in search of a fashionable display that would represent the attitudes they grew up with. Naturally, we took them in, covered them in our latest tee, and watched them walk away with a slogan to remember.  

“From the murder capital, where we murder for capital”.

Jigga said it, we just took it into our realm and made it come true.

The latest drop has captured the gritty basis for what it is us humans do, and the support and subsequent success we’ve had with this latest piece out of production shows us that our Geedup crew, both far and wide, know exactly what the fuck is up. This is an addition to your wardrobe with a message - don’t be scared of heights fam, lifes better at the top.

'Murk all others and destroy competition.'

Cop it here: 'Murder For Capital'


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