Mike Two | Thoughts, Dreams And Everything In-Between

Navigating the mind of Mike Two is scientifically proven to put you on a fruitful wavelength.

New York born and raised, Mike credits his hometown for being the melting pot that it's perceived to be. "Staten Island is like growing up in any hood in New York City - you get good days and bad days, but more than anything, tonnes of culture and perspective," he says. "I've had so many interactions with so many different types of people, which have helped to shape my views on life."

His recently released LP Thoughts Of A Beautiful Dream is a reflection of his life up until this point, capturing exactly what the title suggests - his thoughts, and wildest dreams. Having previously worked for Atlantic Records as a songwriter, Mike trusts he is no rookie to the craft.

"Rapping is one thing, but making it into something that people want to listen to is a whole other story. That's one of the things I know I do well, it most definitely gives me an edge - no question."

Pledging his allegiance to FiveSeven Music, headed by fellow Brooklyn artist and producer J57, Mike reminisces on how early introductions have since led him into the tight-knit musical family.

"I met J's manager Justin at Hat Club in Soho, and he invited me to a show knowing that I was a songwriter and thought we should meet," Mike says. "Once we met, we talked for hours and realised that we have so many of the same ideas and goals. Maybe a week or two later we got up, and we've been tight ever since." 

"I feel like J57 was one of the only people to believe in my crazy thoughts on music and stood by me to help make sure the world would see it, and for that I'm more grateful," he confesses. "He's definitely taught, and continuing to teach me the independent game which I'm loving right now."

The same crazy thoughts Mike Two claims he harbours are what's making him stand out in a crowd. At a time when hip-hop culture is saturated with watered down raps and neglected history, artists like Mike are needed to ensure that heartfelt music remains relevant.

"I don't want to make songs, I want to make moments in time," he states. "These fifteen songs are fifteen different moments I had in the last year of recording, and I can tell you why I wrote every record because there were actual feelings and situations behind each one."

It's evident that his music is intended to inspire above anything, as the artist himself reveals. "I wanted to give the listener a certain feeling and put them in the mood I was in for the last year, and hopefully they connect."

"The dopest shit about music is that you can dictate people's mood and where you want them to go", says Mike."

"Right now I'm focused on growing my fan base, reaching as many people as possible, hitting the road and doing shows, as well as getting back in the studio to work on my next project."

Thoughts Of A Beautiful Dream is available now via Soundcloud.


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