J57 | 'I'm The J57' LP

We’ve had some time to reflect on 2015 – its offerings musically, and all the milestones and achievements met and blitzed in the process.

Our American Brand Ambassador - J57 – knows all too well what the blood, sweat and tears can yield for an entity or organization. His label titled FiveSeven Music made incredible ground last year, and showcased eclectic, refined and booming sounds originating from all corners of New York and beyond.

J’s production was present on many independent projects; it saw him invited to The Roots studio, and his touch was present on Wu-Tang clan member Method Man’s album The Meth Lab, in the form of the single titled The Purple Tape, with widespread acclaim to boot. His duo - Koncept & J57 – captivated audiences with the release of The Fuel EP towards the end of the year, and it appeared FiveSeven Music rounded off 2K15 better than most could ever wish for.

Wasting no time in 2016, J57 is flashing his own gem to the world, in the form of his long awaited LP titled I’m The J57, which has been steadily curated and slaved over, while residing in the NY jungle. We’ve already been given some slick taste-testers from the record, with ‘Impatient’ featuring Tiffany Topol, ‘Jon Bellion 4 Prez’, and 'Burn The Empires' featuring DeeJay Element, Tenacity, Sean Boog and Mean Joe Scheme, to name a few. Now, we can finally put our hands together for the final product, on show and right on time. J produced all but two tracks, and his signature touch can be heard and easily appreciated.

Representative for everything official, I’m The J57 is available on Soundcloud now, for your listening, and free download pleasure.


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